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"Unveiling India’s First Magazine For The Hydrogen Economy- ‘Fuel Cell India’"

India’s first magazine for the Hydrogen Economy launched its first edition today. Fuel Cell India’s primary objective lies in encouraging the hydrogen ecosystem in India. The magazine envisions to become India’s leading source for verified, reliable, and precise information about clean energy technology, especially hydrogen.

Fuel Cell India’s mission is to create a platform and opportunities for companies and industry experts at large to effectively communicate, share ideas, innovations, insights, and growth prospects. It broadly covers all aspects of clean energy solutions including power generation, distribution and storage of renewables, use of hydrogen in decarbonising industries, sustainable initiatives, new trends and innovations, and news updates and resources. One of the key aspects touched by the magazine is offering clean, green, and sustainable solutions to the environment.

Hydrogen possesses immense potential for ecological sustainability. In the next few years, hydrogen is slated to be the most preferred energy solution to phase out fossil fuels and limit global warming. Industry experts, researchers, and also the Government of India claims that hydrogen will be a game-changer for many industries and will be instrumental in decarbonisation.

Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Green Energy Expert, and Editor of Fuel Cell India Magazine said, “I am delighted to announce the first edition of the magazine, it is a step towards creating awareness about clean energy solutions. Being in the industry for over a decade, my utmost focus has been to advocate a clean energy economy. Green Hydrogen is becoming the most talked about energy solution across the globe with the European Union committing to spend over 140 billion Euros over the next ten years in its implementations across sectors. It is bound to be one of the key elements in the future of energy storage. The Fuel Cell India magazine aims to bring together industry experts to share their insights and encourage in building economical and environmentally friendly solutions.”

Fuel Cell India magazine will not only focus on the Indian market but also cover the developments in clean energy from across the globe. The magazine will feature interviews, case studies, articles, expert advice and views, government initiatives, trends in the industry, collaborations, and more.

“I am thankful to all the eminent leaders and members from the industry who have supported and encouraged me throughout the process of this magazine. Through this platform, my mission is to drive India and the world towards the adoption of green and sustainable solutions,” added Mr. Kumar.

The magazine will be published monthly and will be available digitally at fuelcellindia.in.