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The Appumm House is ready to deliver Happiness to your House!

Combining the traditional with the modern, without compromising on the authenticity, The Appumm House is ready to deliver Happiness to your House!

If South Indian breakfast makes you think about only idli, dosa, and vada, then it is time for you to give that a second thought.

Gaurav Sahai, the Chief Curator of The Appumm House is bringing you one of the most loved South Indian breakfast favourites, that is rarely found in the North Indian streets, Appumm to your tables, right here in Gurgaon.

The Appumm House is a new small coastal food delivery venture with a unique twist - where hot appumms are prepared on a traditional Appachatti with different varieties of stew and a host of curries and garnishes that will leave you wondering about this simple yet delectable culinary cuisine.

Inspired from the peninsular regions of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, to the sun-drenched beaches of eastern and Western Ghats of India, The Appumm House has picked the tastes, local spices, and cooking styles from the regional and local lands of near shore to deliver you legitimacy of Coastal India

They’ve made sure to curate a large variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appums, including combinations like Spinach & Carrot Appumm, Curry leaf Appumm, Chettinad Appumm, Gassi Appumm to name a few apart from traditional idiyappam and parotta

Their menu is appropriately balanced with 50 nonveg and 30 veg delicacies like Kundapur Ghee roast, Coorg Pepper fry, Udupi Sukka, Karwar Butter Pepper Garlic, Kudla Tawa Fry, Pollichathu, Pallipalayam, Drumstick Pullimunchy, Pineapple Yellow Curry, Beetroot Red Curry, Srilankan Black Mutton Curry, Malabar Chicken stew, Madras Fish Curry, Mangalorean Mutton Curry, Kori Kundapuri to name a few.

With all your love and support, they will be inaugurating their dining space where the art of traditional culinary will be devoured to fulfil your heart desire of slothful weekend or hooking up to a filter Kaapi on a hustling day

Until then they look forward to delivering you at the comforts of your home.

Time: 12pm- 11pm

Address: Sushant Lok 2, Sector 57, Gurgaon

Contact Number: 9971100955

Meal for two: 500/-

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