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Paytm Insider celebrates World Theatre Day, brings theatre lovers 5 brilliant productions

Marquee plays including One on One: Unlocked, The Colour of Loss, Nightmare, Butter and Mashed Banana, and Sex, Morality and Censorship, will be available on the platform for free as Video-ON-Demand content!

Paytm Insider celebrates World Theatre Day, brings theatre lovers 5 brilliant productions

Paytm Insider, India’s leading entertainment ticketing platform, has been regaling audiences with the most impactful, engaging, current and thought-provoking plays using the online medium throughout the fateful pandemic.

Now that we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s an opportune time to celebrate World Theatre Day on 27th March by celebrating the very plays that got us through 2020. Through 48 hours between the 26th and 28th of March, Paytm Insider will present these shows for free through their Video on Demand (VOD) format.

The line-up of shows slated for World Theatre Day includes One on One: Unlocked by Rage Productions, The Color of Loss by Aasakta, Nightmare by Ritika Shrotri, Butter and Mashed Banana by ACT, and Sex, Morality and Censorship by Sunil Shanbag.

Speaking on the celebrations Varun Khare, Business Head – Live Entertainment – Paytm Insider, said, “At Paytm Insider, we’re huge fans of the theatre & performing arts. We’ve put together a collection of plays that have been produced in lockdown that we’d love to share with audiences across the country as a thank you for their continued support. Here’s wishing our audiences and all our creators a Happy World Theatre Day!”

Sunil Shanbag, Director, Sex, Morality, and Censorship, said, “Through the difficult days of the lockdown, online platforms posed a challenge to many of us as we tried to re-imagine our work. It was an important and exciting phase that led us to grow as creators. It is, therefore, fitting to be a part of an online initiative for this year’s World Theatre Day by Paytm Insider. Our guided viewing of Sex, Morality and Censorship gives audiences a peak into the intriguing world of creating a play. With all its challenges, success, and failures out in the open, this is as much a joyride for them as it is for us.”

Alister Prem Bennis, Director, Butter and Mashed Banana, said, “It’s an absolute dream to be a part of such an impressive lineup on World Theatre Day, celebrating the joy of sharing a story. In our particular play, the eerie background that our actors are set against is inspired by the digital world that we were rushed into due to the pandemic. We stitched together four software delicately with our actor’s green screens. Coincidentally, the fragility of this system influenced by the regulated internet draw parallels with our world, governed and censored by authority. I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with audiences across the country on this occasion.

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