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OZiva encourages everyone to start their fitness journey by being better in every way

India’s leading clean, plant based nutrition brand tells consumers that fitness is not just about being stronger, leaner or faster but about being better in every way

OZiva recently launched its new brand campaign to establish its core proposition of a #aBetterYou in every way. The brand wants to empower every individual in their journey to be better with its unique set of clean, plant based nutrition range. OZiva plans to create a more inclusive and encouraging outlook towards overall wellbeing by rewriting the traditional definitions of fitness. Keeping this promise in mind, the brand recently launched its brand campaign establishing its core proposition of har tarah se #aBetterYou

By propounding a deep and well-determined shift towards adopting fitness in all our daily lives, OZiva aims to advance the idea that health and wellness are not just formal lifestyle objectives for outward attainment but a way of life itself. OZiva truly believes that a clean, holistic way of living can help achieve overall wellness. And keeping in sync with this belief, the revolutionary nutrition brand is on a mission to raise overall awareness amongst the masses for the need to inculcate fitness in their everyday lives.

“We have always believed that there is more to everyone. And all of us are constantly striving to be a better version of ourselves. For us, the brand campaign is a means to reiterate this core philosophy of OZiva. We want more and more consumers to adopt a healthier and better lifestyle that is fuelled by clean, plant based nutrition”, says Ms. Aarti Gill, Co-founder of OZiva.

For years, fitness has more or less been defined by the weighing scale measuring tape, timing in a marathon etc. However fitness in its truest sense is much more than this. It is about being better and healthier, mentally and physically, every single day. With the new campaign, OZiva intends to break these age old definitions and encourage every individual to start their journey to have a healthier, fitter and better life in every way.


The brand film which launched on Nov 10th has gotten 3 million+ views on Youtube, 3.44 lakh views on Facebook and 1.9 lakh views on Instagram.

The brand film shares snippets from the lives of real women and their respective journeys to ‘better’. Whether it is an athlete’s need to be stronger or a mother’s need to be more balanced and energetic, fitness is about being better in every single way. OZiva with its multi-dimensional product range offers multiple benefits to cater this.

“When we started working on the brand campaign, we were surprised to see maximum results showcasing just a singular dimension of fitness. It was important that we create the much needed awareness about how fitness is not just limited to a singular dimension measurable outcome. With the new campaign we are hoping that more individuals start their journey to being better,” adds Ms. Gill

OZiva had earlier this month also announced its association with south Cinestar Samantha Akkineni, who recently embraced a complete plant-based lifestyle.