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Nutrify India to launch Nutrify Today, an International broadcast channel on 5th February, 2021

Nutrify India to launch Nutrify Today, an International broadcast channel on 5th February, 2021

Nutrify India is committed towards its progressing contributions in the nutraceutical industry in line with its objective of empowering responsible nutrition business. On 5th February, 2021 Nutrify India is gearing up for launching an international channel named Nutrify Today. This platform will aspire to broadcast content relevant to nutraceutical industry. It will also provide an opportunity for various experts to showcase their work, scientific developments and innovations.

Additionally, it will also hold industry specific talk shows, educational videos on ingredients used in nutraceuticals, regulatory aspects, finance requirements, formulations and business venture avenues. It will also contain an archive of various companies along with some educational material that can be accessed in a video format. Due to its international outreach, the platform will feature hosts and guests across the globe.

In continued efforts to build the industry, Nutrify India would on 5th February 2021, launch an international channel – NUTRIFY TODAY. This channel will also give opportunity for innovators to show case their work, science and innovation. The channel will stream subject driven talk shows, educational videos on ingredients, regulatory, finance, formulations, venture pitches, company’s gallery for accessing all their education material in video format.

Nutrify India, through this launch also plans to empower responsible nutrition by enabling specialised access to start ups and small medium enterprises. This will help them in gaining market access, financing options and knowledge of the sector.

Globally, nutraceutical industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8% in 5 years and is expected to generate revenues upto USD 611 billion (INR 46000 lakh crores) by 2025. The market predominantly consists of vitamin and minerals health supplements, paediatric products and protein supplements. Among these vitamin and minerals supplement dominates around 13% of the total market share.

With the start-up culture advancing at a fast rate the next wave of skyrocketing business growth will be sought after mostly by start-ups and small to mid-sized industries. The international markets have witnessed Nutra formulations growth mostly by the start-up and mid-sized nutraceutical companies.

Nutrify India has over 8000 CXO level industry member associations along with regulators, the Ministry of Commerce and investors. In 2020 Nutrify India assisted the commercialization of best innovators in the tune of USD 9 Million. They had over 70 engaging workshops with ecosystem stakeholders and a new concept launch of I2C@46 that cuts down time from idea to commercialization by 50%. This helped companies with faster market penetration.