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Make Your Rockfall Protection Smarter with Maccaferri’s New Alert System Device ‘HELLOMAC’

~Suitable for areas with no connectivity~

Make Your Rockfall Protection Smarter with Maccaferri’s New Alert System Device ‘HELLOMAC’

After a successful global launch, Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MESPL), the Indian subsidiary of the world-renowned Officine Maccaferri Group, has recently launched the innovative and smart device ‘HELLOMAC’, an alert system developed to monitor rockfall protection, in the Indian market. Ensuring safety, reliability and accuracy, this easy to install system provides real time protection against risks.

HELLOMAC is a disk-shaped alert system for safeguarding lives, infrastructures and buildings protected by any kind of rockfall barriers and drapery systems. It is installed on the rockfall protection and sends timely alerts not only when a rockfall event occurs but also on the status of the rockfall protection. These alerts can be received via a mobile app, e-mail or SMS. One of the major aspects of the product is that it works via satellite and can be used in remote areas which have low or no network connectivity. The features and technology embedded in the device are well equipped which do not require any wiring or external power supply.

Tested at Politecnico di Milano, one of the prestigious universities in Italy, the product works between -40°C and +60°C and is designed to operate in aggressive climates. HELLOMAC can be deployed on new rockfall protection systems and is also suitable for retrofitting on existing ones. It requires very minimal maintenance and can be easily installed by a rockfall worker. Unlike traditional systems, HELLOMAC signals events on every single portion of the rockfall protection, allowing the detecting system to be restored in a simpler and more economical way.

Mr. Vikramjiet Roy, the Managing Director of MESPL in India and the Regional CEO of the ISEAP (India, South-East Asia & Pacific) region at the Officine Maccaferri Group said, “We focus to develop world-class products and offer solutions which can be adapted to local situations with sustainability and minimum environmental impact at its core. In India, we have excelled our presence in the last two decades and we are moving to offer better solutions and technology that dwell with the Indian landscape. Our recently launched smart device HELLOMAC is one of our unique products developed to make rockfall protection systems safer. We are one of the most trusted solution providers for complex technical issues and retaining the same image we look forward to developing, expanding and growing further at a significant pace.”

Hilly areas and mining areas are the most vulnerable towards rockfall and to keep them safe and secure, rockfall protection and mitigation are the key solutions. Even small rockfalls or debris flows can block infrastructure and have enormous repercussions. Also, due to rockfalls, avalanches, or debris flows, buildings and other infrastructure are at risk of damage. Witnessing and understanding this need, Maccaferri has spent years to recognize, research and develop innovative products and technologies which are effective and durable. The company offers a wide range of systems to stabilise rock faces, soil slopes and snow masses, reducing risks to people, buildings, and infrastructure. Hence, in India, Maccaferri has positioned itself as a leader offering best-in-class solutions for rockfall protection.

“Rockfall is one of the inherent hazards for mountains and it is important to develop products and solutions that can mitigate these issues. Our innovative product ‘HELLOMAC’ helps in giving timely alerts on such rockfall occurrences. We are looking forward to using this device in the Himalayan and other mountainous terrains where such mishaps occur very often. This advanced device is one of the most reliable and accurate products. We offer a complete range of rockfall protection and as the needs will evolve, we will continue to innovate and develop more advanced products” said, Mr. Abhishek Pathak, Head of Sales & Business Development for India & Nepal, at Maccaferri.