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Livpure RO launches ‘Water Saviours’ digital campaign

Introduces World’s first Smart RO water purifier that Saves 20,000 liters of water every year

A frontrunner in delivering healthy and sustainable living, Livpure has revolutionized water purification technology forever with its latest innovation, which is the world's first Smart RO purifier that saves up to 20,000 liters of water every year. Launched under the ‘Water Saviours’ digital campaign, the product aims at putting an end to water wastage caused by regular RO purifiers.

The ad campaign is aligned with the brand’s commitment to saving the environment and building a safer, sustainable world for future generations. Livpure has been taking initiatives in the past by making people aware of the problem of water scarcity that affects millions of lives worldwide.

Livpure RO launches ‘Water Saviours’ digital campaign

Speaking on the digital campaign launch, Pritesh Talwar, CEO - Livpure, said, “Water scarcity is one of the biggest problems in today’s world and births other overarching issues. Many children in areas miss out on education, as they have to walk miles to get potable water. On the other hand, there are water purifiers that waste liters of water daily.”

“The issue has been overlooked for long enough, it’s high time that we found a solution. Our latest innovation, Zinger and Platino+ Copper RO is our endeavor to introduce sustainability in water purification systems. We are hopeful that more people will ‘join the movement,’ gradually contributing towards building a better planet with conscious choices”, Pritesh Talwar added.

Livpure focuses on water treatment and water management solutions for households and corporates in India to help prevent water wastage and the spread of air and water-borne diseases. The brand’s latest ROs deliver 70% water recovery against 25 to 30% recovery available from the existing ROs.

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