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Greenlam’s new Diwali campaign talks about the new Inclusive Normal

Greenlam’s new Diwali campaign talks about the new Inclusive Normal

This Diwali season, Greenlam has launched a new digital campaign #InclusiveNormal to introduce its new range of COVID resistant laminates. The campaign was creatively led by Mirum India, a digital solutions agency from the WPP Group. COVID-19 has managed to change multiple facets of our life almost instantaneously. It has forced a highly social animal to make social distancing a part of their ‘normal’ way of life. And while we call it the #NewNormal, internally we all feel it’s not really, well, all that normal!

Touch and feel are integral parts of our life, and continuously donning PPE kits or other equipment as a second protective skin, feels extremely unnatural and uncomfortable as it hinders our interaction with surfaces. For the blind community however, it is a disastrous change.

Conceptualized and executed by Mirum India, the campaign expresses the need for #InclusiveNormal and sensitizes the audience to the perils of social distancing and lack of touch which the blind community has to deal with. Going about their regular day has become extremely tough for visually impaired. With people unwilling to offer assistance from the fear of catching the infection, visual-first cues for social distancing rules and designated areas, contactless services and business, to simply covering common touch surfaces with plastic sheets for easy disinfection in-turn making them alien to touch, the visually impaired have been facing more issues than ever before.

In the digital film, we see how a member of the blind community, finds it difficult to trace her delivery in the #NewNormal which reflects the notion of apathy, where there is an unintended oversight which we are all guilty of when building this #NewNormal

Watch the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcq1Q4iGN0Q