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~ TravelforIndia and explore authentic local traditions and culture

Localized, immersive experiences are now an emerging trend. Exploring diverse traditions, culture and cuisine fuels curiosity and wanderlust amongst travelers. With an extensive footprint across brands, IHCL hotels make an ideal choice for living like a local, as they capture the true spirit of every destination.

Immerse yourself in centuries of history at Amritsar. Home to the Golden Temple, the city is an enriching and spiritual journey for the soul in so many wonderful ways. The hotel customizes itineraries ranging from discovering the various street food culinary delights to pilgrimage tours. Heading south to Kochi, guests can choose from a variety of cruises offered by the hotel along the breathtaking backwaters. Guests can enjoy a languid morning breakfast, facing the Kochi harbor and Arabian Sea and end it with a barbeque dinner aboard on a yacht.

At the Guwahati hotel, the cultural heart of Assam comes alive with the famous Bihu Dance Experience and the Tea Garden Tour. Guests can visit the ancient and renowned Kamakhya temple or see the one-horned rhino at Pobitra sanctuary.

The hotel in Lucknow allows guests to imbibe the city’s ancient traditions and discover the city’s resplendent cuisine. Finally, immerse in the spirituality of Varanasi, combining mental and physical wellness with the light and sound extravaganza of the hotel’s Sandhya Aarti at the Dashashwamedh Ghat. Shop for exquisite brocade or sip on the famous Benarasi Chai set amidst mango orchards in full bloom.

#TravelforIndia and experience life as a local at IHCL properties through personalized itineraries .