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Ana de Armas chosen as IMDBs Top 10 stars of 2020

~Last featured in consumer campaign by the Natural Diamond Council~

IMDB, the digital aggregator of films, television shows and web series has chosen Hollywood actor Ana De Armas in their annual list of Top 10 Stars 2020 among other A-listers under the “Breakout” category. She was last seen making an appearance for Natural Diamond Council's consumer campaign, 'For Moments Like No Other' as their global brand ambassador.

The Natural Diamond Council’s campaign ‘For Moments Like No Other’ is their first-ever consumer campaign with a Hollywood ambassador. It was created with the insight to celebrate the myriad connections that lead to natural diamonds being worn or exchanged. Ms. de Armas in the TVC epitomizes an ascendant, free-thinking generation while radiating poise and modernity. Her elegant, effervescent, and easygoing demeanor reflects the next chapter in the history of natural diamonds; a mindset in which the traditional tenets of diamond-wearing and exchanging are dismantled, leaving an open playing field in their place.

Ana is a rising Hollywood star. She has received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Knives Out and will soon appear as The Bond Girl in the latest James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’.

Link to the campaign - https://youtu.be/SfQJiGJO5Bo

Website - www.naturaldiamonds.com

IG - @onlynaturaldiamonds_in - https://www.instagram.com/onlynaturaldiamonds_in/?hl=en